Choosing the Best Marijuana Seeds

Choosing the right marijuana seeds

It only takes a minute on google to realize that there are a lot of marijuana seed companies out there. At first glance, these companies all offer what seems like an endless array of strains with trendy names you have never heard of, that are all colors of the rainbow and prices that are all over the place. So, in your search for seeds, how can you decide what is a superior product?

Germination rate

It’s really disheartening when you receive your anticipated seeds and some of them just don’t work. Some companies boast a germination rate of only 80% which means that just by choosing the right genetics in the first place you are getting more plants and saving yourself time, disappointment and most importantly your hard-earned money.


There is definitely a variance of prices when it comes to seeds. Some prices seem really high and some companies are basically giving them away to whoever will take them. It can be tempting to find the cheapest and stock up, which makes it tough to feel justified spending money on these teeny, tiny little things. As with all things in life however, you get what you pay for. This initial purchase to start your grow is such a small, but significant investment. I’m not saying to go out and buy the most expensive because the high price indicates that they must be the best. But I am saying to do your homework and research into the genetics and if the prices are a little higher than others, don’t let it sway you. It will even out along the way, either by germination success or with a heavier yield.

What are you medicating for?

Knowing the difference between Sativa and Indica is an important factor in growing your own medicine as they have different uses, characteristics, side effects and their own unique high. Another way that you can tell the two species apart is by looking at the plant and shape of the leaves. Sativas have long and slender leaves that resemble fingers, while Indicas are more broad. Sativas grow to be massive plants with exceptionally larger yields whereas Indicas are great to grow indoors or somewhere that space is limited as they are usually shorter and take less time to harvest.

Sativas are your best choice for your “wake and bakes” and daytime use if needing to be productive and being social is important to you as they are more stimulating. A Sativa strain is the way to go for being alert, creative, have energy and help combat depression, headaches and pain. Indicas have the opposite effect. They are best for unwinding at the end of your day as they offer that relaxing body high and are a go to for pain relief, insomnia and pain.

To mix things up a little, hybrids are a mix of the two species that can exhibit any size, shape and effect.


Our generation is a lot more aware about what we are ingesting. We are so careful about our food: Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide and antibiotic free; Why would we not also be careful when growing our own medicine?

The lack of regulations in the industry have lead to a vast number of contaminated cannabis products. A few years ago, Maine’s largest Cannabis dispensary was found to be selling products that tested positive for nine different pesticides.

In California Sister Mary Weirick, was a pot activist that lead a trimming and packing team for several years. It is said that her mysterious and rapid death in 2005 can be contributed to being in contact with the pesticide Avid, typically used on marijuana plants to combat spider mites. What started out as allergy like symptoms for Sister Mary, quickly lead to paralysis and then death, just from coming into contact with her skin.

If you think about using a medicine to heal and promote well being, it is a no brainer to start from a pure and organic source.

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