Did you know that some of the top mental conditions that have patients medicating are insomnia, migraines, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder (US patients may even find temporary relief from the current state of your political scene!). Depending on the nature of your symptoms, there are different strains and breeds that offer different solutions. There are…

To celebrate this holiday season Selex Seeds is offering specific strains of organic marijuana seeds on sale for a limited time offer. This offer is valid while quantities last. We have more seeds that will be available in the near future and would like to ensure everyone is getting the most fresh Canadian organic marijuana…

Invest Investing in good quality cannabis seeds and a little bit of knowledge will result in some of the most powerful and best, rich tasting weed. K.I.S.S Keep It Simple (Stupid). At the end of the day, you’re growing a cannabis plant. One that has been grown outdoors for thousands of years, long before all…

What Are You Medicating For? Knowing the difference between Sativa and Indica is an important factor in growing your own medicine as they have different uses, characteristics, side effects and their own unique high. Another way that you can tell the two species apart is by looking at the plant and shape of the leaves….

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At Selex Seeds, we satisfy our customers by connecting them with quality cannabis seeds. We make sure to do our research when sourcing our seeds in order to better advise you when making a purchase. Our company specializes in organic seeds and boast a 95% germination rate for all of our strains. We provide both…

Choosing the right marijuana seeds It only takes a minute on google to realize that there are a lot of marijuana seed companies out there. At first glance, these companies all offer what seems like an endless array of strains with trendy names you have never heard of, that are all colors of the rainbow…


Here are our tips to a successful and stress free start of your plants. 1. Choose wisely: Buy the best quality seeds. Selex seeds are 100% organic and go through a rigorous screening process to make sure our customers are getting the freshest seeds available with a 95% germination rate! Yes, 95! Some of our…

Why not start with the best? Seeds Vs. Clones: What you need to know. The very first and most important decision when starting a marijuana plant is… How to start it! The impression of ease can make buying clones for your next grow alluring however starting from clones can be much more difficult. Yes, clones…

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